Monday, August 09, 2010

Sports Bar application – now the letters of support

First there were the objections and now the trickle of letters of support has become a steady stream. It is fascinating to read these letters as their authors often diverge into other things that folk think are wrong with Nairn at the moment.

Just as with the objectors’ letters however, it remains to be seen what will be seen as ‘material considerations’ by the planners. One thing is certain, there can be no denying that part of this process can turn into a numbers game and this may focus the mind of elected representatives as we move closer to the next elections.

You can read all the correspondence here by clicking on the documents tab. Tomorrow night (Tuesday) the matter will be discussed at the River Community Council planning meeting in the Laing Hall. When there’s nothing good on the telly River CC can be an highly entertaining evening out. Perhaps tomorrow evening the attendance might be a little higher than normal?


Sporty pie said...

How about someone puts in an application for a late night sports pie shop, then we could all jog out of the new bar after a couple of sports drinks and get a healthy snack

Graisg said...

A few weeks ago I was in a nightclub in Leeds, on the way back to the hotel at around 02.15 I was astonished to find a Greggs bakers shop open and got myself a cheese and onion pasty. It was a very popular place and even had bouncers.

getting the munchies said...

I always find a couple of bouncers fill a gap after a late night out

Mines a letter of support said...

Maybe comments to planning applications will become the new Gurn?

Good to see that some folk can count on their mates though, must be worth a couple of free swallows when it opens

Graisg said...

@ mines

Now, now, you may not agree with the supporters but it is simply democratic use of digital media in action.
If you wish to encourage your friends, neighbours and potential customers to do something then that's cool, decent and part of the world we live in - thank goodness we can object or support or even make neutral comments if we wish. Remember in some countries people are not allowed such a say.
If you have strong feelings then go along to the Highland Council e-planning pages and have your say too.