Friday, August 27, 2010

High Street to close for at least two weeks from 11th October

A circular delivered to residents in the town centre states:
'The formal road closure will commence on Monday 11th October 2010 and will be in force for a period of 4 weeks, to 6th November 2010, or until the works are complete, whichever comes first.
The circular notice is three pages long and does state '..., it is not intended that the High Street will actually be closed for any longer than TWO WEEKS, and every effort will be made to ensure completion by Friday 22nd October 2010.'
If nothing else this will give the authorities the chance to see where all the hundreds of cars that head up the High Street every day are going because the impact of closing the High Street will be immediate. One wonders if Waverly Road, for example will be able to take increased traffic as drivers look for new routes to their usual destinations. More from the circular later gurnites.
UPDATE: Read the closure notification - Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

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intelligent planning said...

The 'make it a pedestrian only zone' supporters are going to be so happy, can't think anyone else is though