Monday, August 09, 2010

'Don't forget the bypass'

A smaller editorial from the Nairnshire in last Tuesday's edition but a very important subject discussed. Iain Bain is agitating for the bypass to be kept on the agenda:

'It may be fashionalbe now to take on the mantle of the candour of reality with which the Prime Minister wishes to characterise the early days of his government and say "well no chance of a bypass now". But we say "rubbish" to that. Don't forget the Nairn bypass. We have the problem now and it is not going to improve on its own. "

Hard to see how the Prime Minister will be moved by the collective voice of Nairn calling for a bypass in his ear. Hard to see how Danny can/will do anything either. Nothing has been posted on the LibDem Nairn bypass site since January, have they given up on the idea?


growtosow said...

i have not forgotten about the bypass over the last few days trying too get from one end of the town too the other has been at a very slow pace. could have swore a snail passed us on the way back from the allotment the other day. a few folk using sandown lane too get into the town and some of the other back roads which are not fit for this use.

Dicks cat said...

The only way we will get a bypass is for it to be paved with bankers as there sure ain't no gold left

nairnlass said...

traffic was backed up through to tradespark rd yesterday for quite some time on a sunday!!!! after getting to merryton guess what no more tailback, its the lights. you cant even use the high st as a short cut now to avoid the lights if you are heading for achareidh etc. we will need two by passes, one for those not whose final destination is not nairn and one for those wanting to avoid the high st refurbishment, if refurbishment is the correct word!!!! F1 chicane seems more appropriate