Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Nairn half-marathon from a runner's perspective

Richard Meade has posted his experiences at the Nairn Games on the internet:
'It was always going to be interesting to see how my body reacted to over 300 miles of training in 3 weeks. I picked the Nairn Half Marathon on Saturday 22 August to put all that training to the test and to review my progress towards my Amsterdam marathon goal in October. I did, however, only give myself one week to taper and recover from all this training before the race and I always wondered if this would be enough.
The Nairn Half Marathon is part of the Nairn Highland Games, which was a great setting, as the first 300m of the race was a lap of the grass track, which was surrounded by about 250-350 people all cheering and shouting, which was inspiring and filled my legs with a little extra energy as we hit the roads. Maybe the cheering influenced my heart more than my head, as I set off too quickly and as a result suffered in the second mile...

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