Saturday, August 07, 2010

Grant Park Forres

Thanks to Billy for this picture of Grant Park Forres. Grant Park looks its usual spectacular self and Billy thinks it a pity that Nairn is unable to do likewise and with recent cutbacks may never achieve the excellence on display through the road in Forres. Perhaps it will be left up to Nairnites to do it for themselves in the future as cash dries up?


Anonymous said...

Forres has an Trust Deed for the up keeping of the parks. So that's why they can afford to keep it up. Otherwise they would be like Nairn and get hardly anything from Inverness Council.

growtosow said...

the keeping nairnshire colourful group are doing what they can with regards too planting around the town. they welcome help with planting bulbs and other projects.they also do the garden competitions around the town this includes our allotments. local folk are doing their bit as well with hanging baskets and window boxes on show and this does help.

growtosow said...

the keeping nairnshire colourful group do a great job with their planting around the town and welcome any help with this. and we are always looking at ways too fund projects. this is all done by volunteers. too try and bring more colour into our town for locals and visitors alike. we have started a page on facebook too promote the group more and also too let folk know what we are planning for the future but also what they have done in the past.