Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simply Superb Slugs

Nairn slugs having unprotected sex


Casanova said...

Well I Never!!!!!, Sex scenes on The Gurn, It will now have to be late night viewing for this Blog,

Ps the wife has just witnessed the
copulation act & stated that the slugs take longer to make love than i do.

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot of "little sluggers" crawling about shortly then.?

River deep standing high said...

Excellent, went well with the cornflakes this morning, but surely this is one for Nurn Nature to host?

Is the Gurn going to open a rescue centre for slugs or buy a few off of eBay?

I'll see what I can find in the garden and drop them off for you

I was awaiting the hushed tones of a David Attenborough type commentary which would really have made the video take off

I also liked the disco like lighting effects

I wonder what the slugs thought? Did the male just go Zzzzz post the event

"Simply Superb Slugs" simply superb, beats any of that river goings-on stuff!

7:34 AM

cry me a river said...

I phoned an expert I know down south as I was concerned that the slugs looked a little twisted in your video, but apparently that is OK in this instance of activity and they don't need a bandage as I'd first thought

What are you feeding them?

Graisg said...


cry me a river said...

Oh right, is that from the Co-op? Just I don't have any of that in the garden and my slugs are having to eat other plants which might not be as good for them (wild plants)

Anonymous said...

The gurn must be running out of lost causes. Readership going down, looking for some spin ?

Tip o ma Tongue said...

Casanova again, what Graisg states
is correct the Misses is always on to me to stimulate her Clematis.

watching paint dry said...

Sure beats youre train journey.

sam the snail said...

Please dont have a go at the Gurn
folks as things are a bit sluggish
at the moment

slimelurver said...

next thing you know they will be drinking buckie

Anonymous said...

I suppose the male could always get a "poke" at the fire,if he's no happy