Tuesday, August 10, 2010

River CC opposes Lodgehill Clinic flats proposal – If you are worried about over-development in Nairn you can too.

Residents living near to the Clinic have won support now from both the West and River Community Councils in their efforts to stop the shocking over-development proposed for the Clinic site. The boundary between the two areas actually runs down the middle of the road outside so neighbours went to the Laing Hall tonight to ask for the support of Jeanne Tolmie and her River colleagues. They were successful with strong support being expressed from both community councillors and members of the public present.

From many aspects this application is appalling, it is not in keeping with the local area especially being three stories high, there are not enough parking spaces provided, the density is excessive and isn’t it just bonkers to have a metal roof on a building next to Dr Grigor’s former home? It’s claimed building will be even taller than the nearby ‘Duchally’ building.

If you too are worried about over-development in Nairn then spare a thought for those opposing this application. They are not nimbies, they told the meeting tonight that they are not opposed to housing on that site but something of a lower height and density and more in keeping with the neighbouring architecture. Who knows where the next inappropriate development will come in Nairn – perhaps it might be in your street next time? Once again another part of our community is threatened by over-development, you can help put a stop to this current application, just go along to this webpage on the Highland Council site and object (use the comments tab to object and the documents tab to read the objections already received). The last day for the receipt of objections is Sunday, please spread the word if you feel so inclined.


Maida Comment said...

Looking at the Planning website tonight there are 14 objections in and more believed to be on their way but I'm sure local residents would be heartened by more support. When you first see the plans you can't believe that this could really be happening - a proposal to plonk tall blocks of 11 flats that would dominate the skyline and surrounding houses on a site that doesn't look big enough to cope and would only have 5 integrated parking spaces - but it can and could be coming to a site near you soon. We need to stick together and look out for each other in these uncertain times.

Anonymous said...

Here, here Gurn!

I'm tired of piecemeal development without any thought to a grander plan. It seems that any green space (are the Show Field and Viewfield safe?) is up for grabs rather than being valued as a resource for the whole community and Nairn's visitors.

And rather than saying to Sainsbury, yes we want you to come, but we'd like you to do something interesting with the site around Sommerfield, we get a bog standard, out of town box.

Sandown, the Newton retirement flats and now this show people can stand up to crazy developments and win. Wouldn't it be refreshing if the planners and developers came up with sympathetic and interesting ideas for Nairn than forcing us to fight all the time.

Graisg said...

I put in an online objection 2 days ago it hasn't shown up yet. If it doesn't appear by close of play tomorrow I'll send in a letter.

Graisg said...

@ anon 8.39

Don't forget to add Water Lane to the list of successful campaigns. The residents were threatened with huge over-development and with the help of others in the town, including River CC & the NCRG they managed to get it overturned. Result empty Woolworths became Nickle & Dime instead of a grotesque unsuitable overdevelopment in a narrow lane.

Pay attention fellow citizens, help those threatened now because it really could be you next.

Homes yes - carbuncles no!