Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out past the eastern suburbs of Nairn

Everytime you pass that way on the train more houses seem to have been built in the Lochloy schemes.


Go East said...

After watching that.Maybe you should
"haud goin".?

Anonymous said...

More please

Black Bob the builder said...

More houses?

Anonymous said...

Terrible planning in that no one has seen fit to tap the developers for a new road crossing over the railway to exit from the estate onto the A96 near Balmakeith. Or did I see that they did make a donation to the transport development funds?

Graisg said...

A long, long time ago when that land was zoned for development a mannie came to town for a meeting. He may have been from the old Highland Regional Council or maybe some other organisation but he talked about how there might be a footbridge here so the folk in the new houses could get to work in the new industrial estate without too much hassle.
Looks like another vision that went down the pan at some point or other.
Perhaps a footbridge might still be a good idea so folk could go shopping at Sainsbury's by bicycle without having to negotiate the Lochloy junction?