Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forres 1 Nairn 0 - exit from HITS North of Scotland Cup

Nairn had class and Forres looked cumbersome but it was the home side that went through to the final. Home advantage, sheer desire, superior strength - whatever the magic ingredient, it belonged to Forres. Nairn went home empty handed as the County players failed to capitalise on their individual talents and put the ball away in reply to Charlie Brown's crafty free kick just before half-time. A downpour in the second half lasting around twenty minutes seemed to add to the misery of the visiting team and their fans. A dull drab night through at Mosset Park for anyone with Station Park loyalties. A great cup of tea was to be had however at the Forres pieshed.
A full match report is now up on Highland League.net

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