Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big turn out for Broadhill partial black-out survey

The Gurn understands from unreliable sources close to River Community Council that there has been a big take up on their survey forms put around all the houses in Broadhill. The forms were put out to determine how public opinion lies as to whether that area should be the Nairn guinea pig test-bed for switching one in every two street lights off to save money.
The Highland Council had asked River CC for their views. River CC quite sensibly asked the citizens themselves and it looks like Broadhill residents have responded very well to someone bothering to ask them their thoughts. That sounds a bit like democracy it action doesn't it? One wonders why the Highland Council couldn't have asked the residents themselves in the first instance. The results are not in the public domain yet according to our unreliable sources but it seems those Highland Council folk in favour of a partial black-out up at Broadhill will not be happy with the result.


Brian @ said...

The Isle of Man has a decades-old policy of turning off street lights in some residential areas late at night (not sure whether it's 11pm or midnight).

Strange at first when you see it, but then it makes a lot of sense. The surprise is that the practice isn't more widespread in the UK.

bright spark said...

Turning the lights off is a nice idea to save money, but given the choice of street lights on, or switched off I would imagine most folk would prefer that they were left on

Maybe if the council wants to experiment they could start by choosing the lights outside their own houses for switch off?

The lights are on... said...

"The surprise is that the practice isn't more widespread in the UK."

UK island communities enjoy lower rates of crime and smaller volumes of traffic, so not really a surprise that this practice hasn't been more widely adopted Brian

Anonymous said...

I'm not a resident of Broadhill so far be it for me to comment on any right to impose the experiment on them.

However it seems pretty farsical at this time of year when Inverness, Nairn & many other towns and cities alike will be festooning thier town/city centres with festive decorations that flash and twinkle throughout the festive cheer.

It just seems to me it would only make any sense if they chose to half the amount of festive lights they put up in order to show some consistancy to activly save on utility costs.

It just seems a bit hypocritical otherwise.

Bah humbug..

part time pedantic said...

How can you have a 'partial black out'? Surely a black out is just that, anything else e.g. some lights on is not?

cradlehall said...

Behold, I have seen the light! It's outswide my house and I don't want it swtched off thanh you very much. Switch off the lamp-posts outside the councillors and officers homes first. Let them set the example!