Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sewage Bridge - something in the pipeline?

The Gurn has heard from unreliable sources close to River CC that a reply to their detailed questions on what has being going on down at the sewage bridge recently has been received from Scottish Water. Regular gurnites will recall that the River folkies had already received a very interesting letter from SEPA. Our sources indicate that there has been no reply yet from the Highland Council over environmental health issues in that part of the riverside. Anyway it appears that a contract could be soon awarded to sort a fair bit of sewer in this problem area. Good news it seems.


Anonymous said...

River CC should take on the running of the sewers in Nairn. Good work and what's the next change?

Graisg said...

Any concerns anyone has take them to your CC - River, Suburban or West. meetings are advertised in the Nairnshire.