Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nairn Army Cadets circa 1973/74

Thanks to one of the regular Gurnites for this image of the Nairn Army Cadet Force around 36 years ago.

Left to Right

Top Row: George Innes, Keith Girvan, Davie Gibson, Ronald Mackay, Gerald Conagan, Not known, Hamish Bain, William Coull, Dennis MacDonald, Bill Innes, Snr

Middle Row: Bertie Palmer, David Finlayson, Donald Mackenzie, James Macgee, Mike Sievewright, David Connachan(?), David Craig, Tony Hannah

Front Row: Billy Innes, Ian Wilson, David Pettit, David Fraser, Ally Ross, Tommy Crosbie.

Some of the spellings of the names may be incorrect. Can anyone identify the missing names? View a larger image here on the Gurnflickr pages.


Kenny Macleod said...

reckon the back row is George Innes,Keith Girvin, Davie Gibson,Ronald Mackay,Gerald Connachan, ?, Hamish Bain,Willie Coull,Dennis Macdonald,Billy Innes Snr
Middle row ? David Finlayson, Donald Mackenzie,James Macgee,Mike Sievewright, David Connachan?,David Craig, ?Hannah,
Front row Billy Innes,Ian Wilson,David Pettit, David Fraser,Ally Ross and Tommy Crosbie.

Anonymous said...

Love the hair on some of the boys, a few of them have a lot less of it now. Aye, those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Middle row first left boy is Bertie Palmer.

David Fraser said...

If I recall correctly the photo was a just after we took part in the News of the world Shooting competition, I think we won it I know we did really well, also the cup in Front of Tommy was when he won Best dressed Highlander, at the Annual camp in Leek which was 1993, I can recall we were billeted with the Cadets from Auldearn and on that day everyone pulled together to make sure every single piece of Tommy's kit was perfect. I think that every cadet of that period had a lot to thank Billy Snr and George Innes for

Tonys Army said...

Tarzan David can you tell us who is on the right of Gerald Conaghan ive got everybodys name apart from him. By the way its been 35 years or more since i last saw you on your paper round up at Queenspark sorry Shang Hi Pity Cleaners shop isnt there anymore i dont think he would forgive us now for pinching his sweets never mind we could always rely on Yackapos shop

Kenny Macleod said...

Davi/Tony thats the guy I can't place. Found out that 1st youngster in middle is Bertie Palmer. David I take it you meant 1973 and not 1993 ? I havent seen ronald mackay or davie connachan in years which is a shame as we grew up together in Barbour Road.