Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ivy Box

Nature continues to overcome the redundant Nairn East signal box.


Paul Francis said...

Regarding the photograph of the redundant Nairn East signal box I would like to express my sadness st the lack of maintenance. I worked at the station in the 1970's with the other signalmen - Campbell Mckenzie and Gordon Milne. We took a pride in looking after the station and the surrounds including tending the flowerbeds.

Researching on the internet it appears that both signal boxes are Category B Listed Buildings. Apparently, owners of listed buildings may be compelled to repair and maintain such buildings and local authorities are responsible for ensuring that this is done.

Is this something that can be taken up with the Council?

Paul Francis.

Graisg said...

Thanks for that comment Paul, we'll use it as an article to try to raise awareness of the situation.
Can you e-mail the Gurn please, we'd like to get a some more info from you. info@gurnnurn.com