Saturday, November 19, 2011

Talksport's Jonny Gould gets to see the Wee County perform

Nice one Jonny - Haste ye back!

Update: Jonny got a pie at Station Park


Jonny Gould said...

From every club official wearing a Nairn County tie to the very well maintained ground and surrounding perimeter area, I was bowled over by my trip with Ramage to the club. The team are disciplined under Les Bridge and no wonder trophies followed. It's just a pity on the day, the team let Lossiemouth in for a couple of untimely equalisers. I was assured by Les on our post match chat on the pitch at final whistle that he'd given them a hair dyer! Expect a tif defensive response next game. Good luck chasing Forres at the top. I'd love to come back.

Jonny Gould said...

Er, that should've read hairdryer, not hair dyer. I'm not passing comment on the choices of the more hirsuit members of the Nairn side. All I would say is the effing and chuffing Lossiemouth keeper looked a bit like a Bay City Roller. Forza Fridge's Boys!