Monday, November 07, 2011

Tall and modern and in Nairn

This building situated in the Firhall housing scheme is four storeys high and is bordered with mature trees at the side and rear. Obviously it is quite adequate accommodation for the inhabitants. What would happen if plans for similar came in for a town centre location however,would it receive the ceremonial two-fingers from the statutory consultees? Just a thought.
Meanwhile River CC tonight will discuss the amended proposals for the bus station site over at the Community Centre.


Village of the damned said...

Big difference, that of space both within and around these flats, plus relative peace and quiet compared to living beside the A96, a takeaway, bus stop, and new shop, oh, and no kids!

Devil's Advocat said...

The Bairns could play in the big garden at the back :-)

Anonymous said...

location location location

Phil and Kirstie said...

Anonymous (above) makes the key point. Planning is not just about design and "taste". It's about having the right building in the right location.

You wouldn't build a Holiday Inn (however pretty a design) in the High Street. You wouldn't locate a factory (however many jobs it offered) in the middle of Fishertown.

In the same way, it is not sensible planning to put a large 4 storey block of affordable housing (whatever the shape of its windows) in a "gateway" location in the town centre, on a cramped site bang in front of the green space of Viewfield.

Yes indeed - location, location, location.

Tradespark George said...

What's the issue with kids?
That development out the Cawdor Road is so artificial and unfriendly in relation to other parts of Nairn? We wouldn't ban residents based on skin colour or ethnic origin, so why ban residents on the basis of age?
We can't use that kind of developments which by their nature are closed and private, as a good comparison for development in Nairn.
This is Sandown all over again. Tone down the size and we'll love you. Over develop and we'll hate you.

Graisg said...

It isn't actually closed and private George, the roads are public roads but not many folk from outwith Firhall go there.
Live and let live I suppose, some folk just don't want to live next door to families with children.

Personally I find some of the residents very friendly and talkative but one or two others also not prepared to acknowledge a hello etc around the river. There're a mix just like the rest of us.