Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can you fix it then Jim? Keep your lot at home too that is?

"AT least two-fifths of the councillors who will decide a preferred route for the much-awaited Inverness bypass are from outwith the city.

The make-up of the cross-party working group, set to pick the route of the link road between the A82 and A9, has been criticised by Inverness South councillor Jim Crawford, who insists its 15 members should be from the Highland Capital with the exception of Highland Council’s transport committee chairman, Councillor John Laing (Eilean a’ Cheò), and convener Sandy Park (Nairn). "

Well Mr Crawford I seem to remember you coming to a planning meeting in Nairn back in June 2008 to give Nairnshire the benefit of your wisdom on the issue of Sainsbury’s coming to town. So perhaps you could also call for Inverness councillors to stay out of Nairn matters. The Gurn agrees with you of course and thinks Laurie (and we'll go further than you and include Sandy) should stay at home and not take part in Inverness affairs but please keep your lot at home too when it comes to things like the Lodge Hill Clinic planning application. Nairn is a community quite capable of deciding a lot more for itself. Courier article here.


Tradespark George said...

I think people should calm down and take a step back from all the shouting about who should be allowed to do what, just because of where they come from. It is HIGHLAND Council after all.

It's not the location or the level of importance that should be considered, it is the implications of the development to the community (etc).

Deliberately banning people because of their origin smarts of victimisation, or even far worse. After all we in Scotland welcome imigrants from other EU countries into our communities. We DON'T exclude them, when it is our own interests we think of. We actually welcome their differing views and knowledge they can bring and add to our communities.

Anonymous said...

I think Tradespark George is missing the point here. Mr Crawford can't have it all ways. He was quite happy putting his pennies worth in to the pot at a meeting concerning Nairn issues but now appears to be taking umbrage about what he seems to deem as outside interference (in the shape of non Inverness Councillors) in an Inverness issue.

Tradespark George said...

Exactly the reason why all Highland councillors should be treated equally, and their origin should be regarded as a positive value, not victimised as a negative value.

Anonymous said...

Well said Tradespark George. Far too many 'unelected' dogooders in Nairn wanting an input in local matters these days.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon. Too many 'locals' (LOL !) wanting a voice in Nairn matters these days. Where did they all come from anyway ? They seem to have sprung up from the business community, not the local community !