Thursday, November 17, 2011

Graham Vine out in shock poll result!

One of the stars of West Community Council lost his seat earlier today as the count was held in the Courthouse. Graham received 136 votes. Another prominent member of the West came in 5th with 195 votes, enough to see him elected but this observer had thought Brian Stewart's recent prominence on planning issues might have seen him climb a little higher but the people have spoken.

However the women of the moment is the lady who kicked ass over the Regal and got results. Reports are coming in from the West End of Kalashnikovs being fired in celebration to honour Rosemary Young for topping the poll with 354 votes, she was nearly 100 votes ahead of the nearest contestant. There was a 49.84% turnout in the West area.

Meanwhile in Suburban Dick Youngson topped the poll with a massive 630 votes in a 35.11% turnout. In River all safely home with 0 votes apiece.


Major McStuffedup said...

One would like this correction published

The residents of the west end would like to make it crystal clear that to a man none of us own nor discharge Kalashnikov arms

Our choice weapon of celebration is from matching pairs of Purdeys, which we freely discharge on nights like these

Yours etc.

Hands Up said...

One may presume they could be a special commemarative edition of the "sawn off" variety.

Well done said...

Congratulations to our new CC people, you do a fine job usually with little or no thanks.

What a shame Graisg that you felt unable to take up your post, I'm sure a quick Gurn poll might have given the thumbs up from the community that you were looking for

In light of the results I can only suggest that worthy organisations in Nairn keep their doors firmly bolted for the next few weeks as I have a feeling someone might be at a loose end now