Monday, November 07, 2011

Turning the lights off up at Broad Hill?

Highland Council want to experiment by turning off half the street lights at Broad Hill to see how things go and whether the idea could be expanded to other areas of the town. The meeting heard the suggestion that Broad Hill was chosen because it was a relatively crime free area. However a Broad Hill resident present of the meeting told of how there had been recent increases of theft from gardens and bad behaviour from alcohol abusers passing through the area.

John Dolan read an e-mail from the Highland Council that asked River CC for their views on the matter. River CC were not prepared to commit themselves on the issue before delivering a survey to every household in Broad Hill asking them for their views on the Highland Council's proposal.


Spelding said...

David Thompson wrote a book "Nairn in Darkness and in Light". Time for another book methinks: "Nairn in Light and in Darkness". Seems the council are using Broadhill as an experiment because it's a small and compact housing scheme. But have they considered at all the age profile of the residents. I hope they (the residents) will forgive me for saying so, but many householders there are retired people. Also I Wonder what the Nairn Road Runners will do if the lights are switched off. Broadhill was a very popular route for their Thursday night efforts using the hill at View Road to improve their stamina.Spelding.

Talk with a sausage said...

Will Sandy Park be leading the grand switching off ceremony at Broad Hill?