Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Nairn leads the way for Sainsbury's"

" “The performance [at Nairn] has been exceptional. People are driving much longer distances to get to that store than we were expecting.”

Neil Sachdev, Sainsbury’s property director, said: “Feedback from the Nairn store was phenomenal from day one.” "


Anonymous said...

I'm an occasional visitor to the Nairn store but can't help but notice how many lines are being cut compared to that which was being offered around opening time.

Not sure when they get their deliveries but several of the fruit and veg trays always seem empty as well

As for travelling long distances I think many people have realised it's just another supermarket, and a fairly expensive one at that.

Graisg said...

Can't say I've noticed less lines Anon but perhaps I have different shopping habits to yourself. Yes a few of the fruit and veggie boxes seem to be empty sometimes but I'm still impressed with the choice.
Prices? Prices are going up everywhere but at least you don't have to pay to travel anymore if you use the store in Nairn.
I suppose we will really know we have a recession if people give up driving long distances for shopping as a retail activity at the weekends.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sainsbury's you've moderised Nairn by giving us the facility Nairn has lacked,

The price comparison policy means that my weekly shop is compared with Tesco & Asda where I get a refund off my next shop if they would have been cheaper..!

Together with savings on fuel as I dont have to travel further to shop its a Win win win for me

Thanks Sainsbury's

Graisg said...

Good points anon, it occurs to me also that money spent up at Sainsbury's helps support jobs in Nairn. One wonders if Sainsbury's is now the biggest employer in Nairnshire?
I know not everyone's idea of the perfect job is to work in a supermarket but it's an option available now.
Perhaps we might even get a few jobs created over at the bus station should a supermarket of some kind eventually go in over there.

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion it sounds like a bit of propaganda being spouted by the sainsbury chap. When I have been in the place it is far from busy.
(the next para redacted by Gurnmeiseter - sorry would need advice here on what is admissable - will say on fresh fruit and veg etc - if that is what you want then why not grow some of your own if you can?)

One does wonder what will happen when Adsa open up in Inverness in the future, I think Sainsbury will have their moment in the sun drastically curtailed as yet more choice arrives in the highlands.