Monday, November 14, 2011

"Scotland's community council network 'dying' "

"Scotland's network of community councils could be "dead" within 10 years, the president of the charity that represents the bodies has warned.

Vincent Waters said the councils would cease to exist "by default" unless younger members became involved.

A fifth of Scotland's 1,514 community councils are currently suspended because of a lack of interest, research by the BBC has found.

Of the active ones, nine out of 10 are formed without elections." And there's more here on the BBC site.

Things here in Nairn aren't as bad as the general picture in Scotland but Nairnshire East Community Council couldn't find enough people to continue and in the town the ballot papers will be counted this week to see who is elected for Suburban and West Community Councils. Under the old rules River CC would have had an election if there were over five candidates but Highland Council recently moved the goalposts and the number of candidates triggering an election was upped to 11, thus there being only nine people wishing to stand there was no election. This observer stood for the community council and must admit wondering if there is any value in proceeding as an community councillor who got in with 0 votes - in effect self-appointed really and perhaps the following paragraph/comment from the BBC report could stick hard and fast if thrown enough times - similar comments have been made to me personally:
"And then you can have a community council next door where it's half a dozen or so of the weel kent local worthies whose interests are their own interests."

wee update: Decided not to participate when the new River CC is constituted by the Returning Officer on 13th December. I just feel it inappropriate to proceed with a tally of 0 votes - informed the HC official respopnsible for the election of that .