Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Return planning power to Nairnshire - your chance to tell the Inverness Courier what you think

We commented earlier on Inverness Councillor Jim Crawford's recent complaint reported in the Courier.
Here's what Spurtle had to say on the Courier site in connection Cllr Crawford being upset about folk from outside Inverness being involved in by-pass decisions:

"Councillor Crawford is entitled to voice his concerns at the inclusion of 'non-Inverness' Councillors on the bypass group. Of course, in doing so he will have to acknowledge that an Invercentric Highland Council planning committee really has no mandate to make decisions that affect areas outwith Inverness. Why should the people of Nairn, Dingwall , Tain and elsewhere have to tolerate planning decisions made by Councillors from elsewhere with little, or even no, knowledge of the areas affected or impacted by their decisions?"

Now this is one of those occasions where we get the chance to put our point across. Yes Jim Crawford is right but it must work both ways. Yes don't let our lot have a say but they must keep their nose out of our affairs too. If you have a moment why not pop over and leave a comment for the citizens of the Highland Capital to read.

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Anonymous said...

Surely we should be grateful for input from Inverness councilors who have much more knoweledge and experience in these matters than the small population of Nairn ?
We have to accept that often locals in Nairn are opposed to ANY kind of change, for better or worse. I for one welcome all the outside help we can get.