Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nairn pensioners' fundraising 2012 Calender becomes world-wide success

Media outlets are showing considerable interest in the Calender the residents of Queenspark sheltered housing made to raise some funds for their working committee. With the help of photographer Ian MacRae they created a sensational calender that is fast becoming a runaway success. Here's a piece from the Daily Record:

"FUN-LOVING pensioners yesterday revealed Scotland's most bonkers charity calendar.

At 100, Peggy Phimister led the way as 14 OAPs - with a combined age of 1143 years - clambered into fancy dress costume to recreate famous movies, comedy scenes and fairytales.

Peggy said: "After the telegram from the Queen in July and my birthday party, this was the best thing this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

The pensioners thought they would be lucky to sell 100 at £6 a time to swell their working committee coffers. But sales have gone through the roof - at the last count 500 and rising."

More here on the Daily Record : OAP's take the Yellow Brick Road for Bonkers charity calender. The Gurn understands that a television crew have also visited Nairn to report on the Calendar success.


Good Chuckle said...

The only place you can buy them is at Queenspark Gardens which makes it a bit restricted but after a much needed wee walk up to buy one you wont be disappointed its absolutely brilliant what a laugh,
its great to see the older generation having a great time which clearly shows in the calendar photos & they must be congratulated for all their efforts
& hard work they must have put into the project & a big pat on the back must go to who ever organised the whole thing & to the photographer who captured the fun, in a time when money is tight at only £6.00 for the calendar it must be the bargain of the year, to hell with it Im away up to buy another one & send it to our Prime Minister David Cameron who needs a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Is it not just great that Peggy Phimister at the grand old age of over 100 took part and joined in with the other residents to pose for the camera, Well done girl you are an inspiration to those that are getting on a bit, I noticed in one of the calendar scenes that there is a heavily pregnant bride outside the church I wont mention the mans name who is accompanying her to save any embarrassment but i must congratulate him on being active at his age & wonder if he would be willing to pass on his secret how he still manages a bit of Hanky Panky?. As Good Chuckle states in his mention its a good laugh & it certainly made me smile.