Saturday, December 22, 2012

22/12/12 The day in pictures!

Up the riverside replacement signs that warn that the river walks are not accessible to all have appeared, months after the originals mysteriously disappeared.

Santa was out on duty in the High Street. He told the Gurn later: “Santa duties over, it is just about to start to snow , Do you know it is great to see the Kids that still believe in Santa, I am so Lucky.  Cheers and all the best for this Festive Season.” Pics of Santa here.

A few Santas out in
Inverness too. This observer noticed that quite a few retail properties in Inverness are empty or for let these days. Here’s a few images taken today. There will always be changeovers and business failures no matter good or bad the economy but are we starting to see significant decay in the retail sector in parts of Inverness now? All part of a changing world? No doubt lots of people will be opening their brand new tablets in a few days time and getting trained up by their grandchildren on how to shop online etc. One wonders too if there will be more big name casulaties after Christmas.  

Down at Grant Street Park the Saints did not receive any quarter from a rampant Inverness City side. Individual pictures here.

And for some Christmas Colour there are pictures of the waxwings on the Birdiemannie’s blog. Very good pictures Seumas, nice to see the Waxwings again. 



For those of you who cant find the singes one is eleven feet up a lamppost and unless you have good eyesight the half inch writing is almost impossible to read. Any one coming from the Boathpark direction to go up the river want see them at all. The disabled should be no discrimination from use in fact denied the same right's as the able-bodied this circular walk. I bet there wont be a court order to have them removed.

Jane Harkiss said...

Cheer up luv, it's Christmas. Peace, love and serenity to all mankind, even the ones that put up piddly writing signs. Have a cool yule y'all! P xxx