Monday, December 03, 2012

Shop, restaurant, tourist information office, new public toilets, offices proposed for Old Social Work building

NICE are looking for comments on a proposal for a Civic Square between the Caley and the Old Social Work Buildings. Information posted on their website today states:
"As a first stage towards this objective, NICE has embraced some of the suggestions that have been made in relation to the old Social Work building opposite the Community & Arts Centre. NICE has now produced a plan outlining how it could be renovated, generate jobs and enhance the appearance of the town centre. 
This is a consultative exercise and NICE would welcome any comments and further input to this initial discussion starter. The plan shows the building put to use with a shop, a tourist information centre incorporating a taster for Nairn Museum in the old police cells (which are still there), three offices, a restaurant and relocated public conveniences. The existing toilet block would be demolished." Read more here and see the plan here.

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