Saturday, December 29, 2012

Forres eat all the pies but three points for County - Footy famine over as Forres fail to finish

The tea bothy at Station Park was eaten out of pies by before the start of the second half as the visitors added to the massive queue for sustinance. Maybe the sometimes iffy soccer made the tea queue an attractive alternative. After a spectacular start the fixture failed at times to rise to the occasion. 
The return to Station Park and Highland League football began at a cracking pace. Andy Neil put a bit of quick  festive fizz into this game with his second minute cracker. It wasn't all Nairn's way after that and at times it was fairly flat but we take three points and the big crowd will have put some cash into the kitty too. The County faithful will accept the points however they come and another big challenge looms next week as Nairn travel to Cove. Nairn 1 Forres 0. More images later

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