Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Happy with the new appointment procedures at the Nairn GPs surgery?

We've started a new opinion poll in the sidebar for Gurnites to express their opinion. Here's the view of one regular reader however.

I have to admit that when I read about it I wasn’t too sure that the new procedure at our GP’s surgery at Nairn hospital would work.
When you ring up to make an appointment with a GP you aren’t immediately given one, instead a GP or health professional will call you back to discuss your illness.

Today I made such a call. I have a medical problem that requires antibiotics to be administered fairly quickly. The old system would have meant that I would have waited days at the very least to see a GP (not necessarily my own) and a trip to the surgery whilst not feeling very well. Under the new system I was called back within 30 minutes by my own GP and the much needed prescription will be ready for me this morning, brilliant.

I’m sure the system will have negative points for some people. For example it’s not always easy to take private phone calls at work, but maybe enough people have mobiles that enable them to slip out of the office to take the call?
Just be warned that calls come through on an 0800 number rather than the Nairn dialling code case be you think you’re getting some pesky sales call!
So… the new system is a hit for me, what about other folks experiences?


sick note said...

I quite like the new system, but on asking one of the receptionists as to how it was working she said that a lot of older folk preferred to see a GP face to face rather than just discuss matters on the phone. A fair comment but the old system whereby you sometimes had to wait two or three weeks to see your GP just wasn't working for me. I wonder if they can reach a happy medium, maybe ask people when they call what service they would like?
I won't even mention the horror called Boots when you try and collect a prescription, their system really does need a serious overhaul

MURD said...

I found the new system worked for me I did ask when seeing a doctor if I wanted to see A particular doctor would that be arranged and was told yes but to bear in mind they may not allways be available at A PARTICULAR TIME BUT IF YOU WERE WILLING TO WAIT UNTIL AVAILABLE then fine.
As for the pharmacy moving I see no need for one to close Nairn supported five atone time and the population was no where what it is now

Anonymous said...

Sick note, if you are not happy with Boots change to LLoyds. Prescriptions always ready on time and Graham and staff always pleasant.

Not very healthy said...

New system is fantastic. Get to speak to a doctor within an hour instead of having to wait a week or so. You don't have to tell the receptionist why you need to see the doctor. There is no downside whatsoever. BRILLIANT. I have called 3 times since the new system was introduced and I had a choice of doctor each time. Cannot fault it at all. It's almost like having the old open surgery days back again. 100% satisfied.

Anonymous said...

When i first heard about this I was not happy....

But as someone that has to see my doc monthly i have to say it is much better and whether you get an appointment or not you still get to speak to a Doctor.

Also you don't have to tell receptionist the problem.

I thought it would be a lot more work for the doc, but on speaking to mine said no and saves a lot on all the missed appointments with the old system.

Unknown said...

No one likes change and i am sure the kinks will be ironed out to everyones satisfaction i have nothing but praise for the new system in my own experiance Lets just congratulate those who are trying to improve the way we are looked after PS I was astounded at the volume of patints the wee hospital has to cater for john gallagher Fishertown from Cyprus its raining lol

Anonymous said...

I am lucky not to have to use surgery very often but called two weeks ago and thought the new service was first class. Excellent idea.