Monday, December 10, 2012

Going all nacreous up top - very pretty but we should be very, very concerned

Gurn reader Bratach took this picture of some startling looking clouds on Sunday. He was rather alarmed to read a Press and Journal report which showed similar clouds and stated: "And while the display was extraordinary to watch, it is not one which is welcomed by meteorologists. The vibrant colours and shifting patterns are a by-product of climate change and are caused by a build-up of greenhouse gases." P&J article here. 
Our correspondent also discovered that they are indicative of holes in the ozone layer too. More information here. Ozone depletion and the build up of greenhouse gases are subjects that haven't gone away then. Over ten years ago this observer took images around this time of year which showed similar colours in the sky, you can see them here and here. Unfortunately we are still trashing the planet. 

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