Friday, December 14, 2012

No football for the Wee County again tomorrow

Earlier hopes that the pitch might thaw in time for tomorrow's game proved to be optimistic. The Gurn has been told the pitch failed an inspection today however. Although grassy areas around the town now have a slight thaw beginning on the surface it looks as though Wednesday night's deep frost of around -7.5C (according to one plotter with a thermometer in his polytunnel at Sandown) has gone deep into the ground and will probably not be out by 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. This postponment is a real shame as it means that the County will have to go straight into their back to back games against Forres after a lay-off that will have been beyond their control.
Things are also looking bleak for the St Ninian versus Forres Thistle game tomorrow to according to a message on their twitter account.. 

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