Sunday, December 02, 2012

Mobility Scooter-friendly routes around Nairn?

A regular reader has a parent who has recently taken delivery of a mobility Scooter and wonders if anyone has ever produced a map of scooter friendly routes around the town. Obviously the circular walk around the river is not a circular route on a mobility scooter for example but has anyone ever made a wee map of round trip routes  that would be handy for locals and visitors alike? Do you have a mobility scooter? If so what are your favourite routes with roads easy to cross and drop level pavements etc?

Update: thanks to anon for the link to this  picture of the Highland Disabled Ramblers in Nairn recently. 


Graisg said...

@ anon use of prom by cars - would need a picture.

Anonymous said...

Might be worth contacting 'Highland Disabled Ramblers'

Recent photo here of the group in Nairn

Cy Clist said...

Let's not have discrimination here.

It's not just mobility scooters that deserve to have designated and suitable routes around town.

Those who cycle, folk in wheelchairs, and those who push babies in buggies would all benefit from a properly-planned network of well-surfaced paths, safe junctions and crossings, and places to park their machines.

It's time the local planners took this on board.

Graisg said...

I know the Council do have regular meetings with disabled representitives in Nairn Cy Clist - I just wondered if anybody had drawn up a list of routes?
As the link to the Highland Disabled Ramblers picture shows there is increased use of mobility scooters generally now.
Being a holiday town perhaps we should be taking a deeper and more pro-active look at this.
I agree with you on other users too however. Time for everyone who agrees to support Murd's Firhall Bridge campaign and any other initiatives, should any, arise in the near future.