Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Boy, 12, in hospital after taking ‘legal high’ drug"

The Press and Journal site states: "A 12-year-old boy was involved in an incident at Nairn, which prompted police to issue an alert about the unpredictable effects of products which have been known to kill." More on their site here.
In the paper itself Liz is quoted: " I hope nothing tragic will happen. But at the same time people who sell the substances must have a conscience about what they are doing. We have been lucky so far but there could be more serious consequences." 
The Press and Journal also has an editorial comment today. 


Bob said...

Well said Liz.
It was only a matter of time before something like this happened yet the proprietor (or should that be dealer?) has said this would not make him consider taking these products of the shelf.
His reasoning?
He sells this product as "incense" and its clearly marked as not for human consumption.
Its £25 a packet. No incense I ever use comes close to that price!
This is purely to navigate the law and allow him to sell it, he KNOWS what it is, he KNOWS what it does and he KNOWS people will use it in this way.
Nairn parents should be very, very concerned...

Hope said...

All users of legal highs need to be concerned, not just those who are parents

Dope said...

Also on our High St we have the co-opie selling alcohol.

They KNOW what it is, they KNOWS what it does, and they KNOW people will drink it.

Nairn parents should be very, very concerned... as should the rest of us. Just because this drug is legal (as are legal highs), it's not safe

Charlie said...

Yes Dope but they dont claim its for something else and don't say its not for human consumption.
Apt moniker...

A proper said...

I'm not really sure as to how alcohol is sold these days, is it still under the dubious flag of enjoyment?
So many of us consume alcohol and are very happy to have it as a drug of choice that we choose not to see all the harm that it does in our society.
There are the personal health issues, death being the most serious but a host of other illnesses and diseases. And then there's how it affects the individuals around us. Coming up to Christmas this means drunk drivers, increased domestic abuse, public violence, the list goes on. Is alcohol sold advertising the above, no
Is the drug alcohol be fit for human consumption. It poisons our bodies and there's little doubt that if it came new to the market today it would be banned by every sane person or government due to the health problems it causes.
So, it's claimed that it brings enjoyment but the adverse effects are not advertised and it's not really fit for human consumption. You could say much the same about legal highs?
Apt moniker Charlie

Anonymous said...

Surley the issue here is a 12yr old Nairn child taken to hospital after taking a legal high and not the pros and cons of alcohol?

Anonymous said...

"Surley the issue here is a 12yr old Nairn child taken to hospital after taking a legal high and not the pros and cons of alcohol?"

That was the headline, the debate seems to have widened since it was posted!

Anonymous said...

i say give all the gruggies as much drugs as it takes to kill themselves,the amount saved on treatment would be astronomical,,drug use is self inflicted so get rid of the drain on society

Festive grudger said...

Aye, them gruggies can be the curse of any decent town, going about all day begrudging everything, just such a negative vibe man. I heard one today in the Post Office complaining about the price of a stamp, what does he want for 50p?
And I agree with anon, put them down manhole covers to clear out our drains, that would stop them grudging all the time

Anonymous said...

Can i tell you what's also available? Cocaine, M-cat, Heroin, Ecstasy, MDMA, LSD and Cannabis. If you want your kids to stay away from substances like that, it's your responsibility to educate them as such. Stop blaming a shop and stop with the sensationalism.