Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nairn River Community Council - Achievements in the past year and aspirations for the future

Please follow the slideshow below for a quick resume of River CC's hopes for the future and what they have been up to since their election in November last year. The presentation was made last night (Wednesday) in the Community Centre by Cllr Simon Noble. Quite a lot done and some exciting ideas for the future. Please note slides 2 and 5 will load line by line and slide 11 will only load line by line each time you click on the mouse - apart from that this slideshow is quite simple to use.

There we have it then Gurnites the River CC plan is a work still in progress so why not go to the next meeting and have your 2/6d worth? There was some lively discussion about how much of the Council's ambitions could be turned into reality and the difficulties and the responsibilities that any projects would place on individual members of the Council but the River folkies look up for it. They feel that there will be plenty of goodwill in Nairn in helping them move towards realising some of the objectives outlined in the presentation.


Toon Loon said...

Interesting to see that the River CC priorities include

"- making plans which focus on employment, permanent housing and the economic development of the town
- enabling the people and businesses of the town to contribute to growing the town's future
- supporting the community's right to buy where it benefits the employment, housing and economic development of the town"

Then the next Gurn post announces, "No River CC cash for NICE".

As the Americans might say: "Go figure!"

scroungers said...

Nairn community councils have limited funds and NICE have already been knocking on their doors cap in hand and received a donation. Time for NICE to look elsewhere

As the Americans might say "Get real"