Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get a grip!

Highland Council are advising us all to get shoe grippers to avoid injury this winter: their press release states:
 "The Highland Council and NHS Highland are urging people to get a grip of wintry weather conditions by considering purchasing snow and ice grippers to attach to their footwear to help prevent injury from slips and falls." More here.


midden said...

I wonder if it's possible just to opt out of some areas of the council tax.

Clearly the initiative to encourage us to wear shoe grips is to stop law suits for when we fall over on their poorly gritted pavements.

I live in the Fishertown and the recent high tides show that the bankie could do with a bit of reinforcement so I could dump my rubbish there as previous generations did

I'm sure there are many area whereby residents could carry out some DIY and not need the council services (such as they are), and I wouldn't mind getting a lower council tax bill for my own efforts

Anonymous said...

Home Bargains have then for a £1 a pair. Useful fer the aulder folkies. Ive bought and given a few pairs off.


Anonymous said...

If everyone had proper winter footwear and tyres where would be no need for snow clearing and gritting other than clearing large drifts ! £££s in.

Anonymous said...

I wish i had known about the £1 pairs, i bought a pair and was charged £24

Graisg said...

Can you buy the £1 ones online Neil?

Petal said...

I always get a winter spare tyre around my waist. This maybe helps me bounce a little when I slip on the ice, on the other hand it makes me heavier so maybe I do more damage when I fall? Whatever, I will invest in the gripper things as recommended by the council. I do hope the council still keep clearing though when we all get our tyres and grippers, as I'm not very tall and would easily get lost in a snowdrift

Anonymous said...

Re:Can you buy the £1 ones online Neil?

Not that i am aware of Graisg. I just happened to notice then while i was doing my austere christmas shopping in Home Bargains haha..
Bought 6 pairs all given off to aulder relatives.. My ass is fat enough if i fall i will bounce!!