Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thursday morning miscellany

With regard to the recent Gurn poll which resulted in 79% of Gurnshire thinking that the 19th of November was a far too early start to Christmas, Michael Green tells the Gurn that although the Bjorn the Bear gig was indeed quite early, this was because the Polar Bear himself was available only on that date. He tells us that next year the Christmas lights event will be later and widened to include opportunities for local businesses to get involved and more entertainment will be available on the street. OK it was early but it was fun wasn’t it Gurnites? Michael is also working on other projects that he hopes to install into the yearly programme of events in Nairn. More information in the New Year he tells the Gurn.

So far Atmosphere, Ashers, Brambles, Paperbird, Nairn Model Shop and ourselves have confirmed they're opening and doing spot the stranger for the late night shopping on the 12th and 19th of December. Gurn page for these events here. Meanwhile Santa has been seen hanging around on the riverside. The weather has been cold, very cold and the first instances this winter of black ice on roads and pavements were waiting for everyone yesterday morning. Besides offering us all the first chance of coping over the weather did give those who made it to the beach the opportunity to enjoy the regular magnificent views plus a coating of the white stuff. The waves were stronger than usual, almost calm  but hinting of unsettled weather elsewhere. Finally over on the Highland Council website the front page article published in the Nairnshire Telegraph has encouraged the local authority to put out a warning about the dangers of using “legal highs” – you can read their press release here. 


Christmas Past said...

if Michael has his way I can just see thousands of motorcycles headed up the Brae to the High St for next years festive activities!
His efforts are admirable but some of his ideas..

growtosow said...

at least he is trying to do something for our town unlike some other's perhaps some of his ideas might not work, but i do not see anyone else coming forward with any other ideas.