Saturday, December 15, 2012

High Tides - damage and flooding - Nairn Saturday 15th December

Today's high tides came in on a fairly agitated sea, the result of bad weather elsewhere. The first one overnight left a considerable amount of debris on the dunes and the promenade. The one just around 1 p.m. caused severe damage to the path below the Golf View however and the Nairn Golf Club car park was underwater this evening. Pictures of the debris earlier today here 




Not A pretty sight
But you will of heard the saying it's an ill wind that blows no good
the paths will have been washed clean off all the dogs poo but as sure as A gun is a pistol they will rturn

cradlehall said...

That is some serious damage on the promenade below the Golf View Hotel.

Graisg said...

Yes reminds me of similar in the early? eighties I think. That time huge chunks were completely ripped away along by the Invernairn Hotel.
I imagine it won't be easy to find the cash for repairs this time round.

Fashtoon said...

Maybe folk should start piling their rubbish on the bankie again?

walkscurtailed said...

Great pictures Gurn.
Well captured as I missed the whole thing. Looks as if my Golf View walks to the baths will be curtailed for a few months unless the council get some urgent funding to fix the damage. I will not hold my breath in the current economic climate.