Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pigeons in the mist

It was a curious end to the daylight hours on Tuesday with the fog generally clearing as the frost came down. The local pigeon population continues to look healthy despite the attention of one or two raptors, they were making one or two final short flights before settling down for the night.  There was plenty of moisture in the air to turn everything crispy white for the bright red dawn that came up to meet the waking world around eight o'clock this morning. The frost was to lift quickly however but the ground remains hard. Football fans will be counting the days anxiously to the Wee County's fixture with Forres at Mosset Park on Saturday. Another cancellation would mean a potential nightmare fixture backlog.  Les's men would have to stand around idle once more. Supporters are anxious to see the squad returning to the title challenge battle as soon as possible. 
One forecast is predicting a frost on Friday night but temperatures generally might be higher. Fingers crossed. 

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coo coo said...

Were the pigeons circling looking for a vacant hat to perch on?