Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Nairn more like the movies at Christmas

There was a wifie, Katy Mccleallan, who was introduced by Colin at Wednesday's River CC meeting. Colin was sort of acting as her minder, introducing her to folk in Nairn etc. She works for RSA films and she had news of a project that she is involved in. The project has funding from Sainsbury's and it was thus that she was in Nairn as the town is the most northerly outpost that the store has in the UK. She had some interesting details to share. What follows isn't actually what she said but the blurb from an information leaflet. Basically you can get invovled by filming some of your Christmas activities etc, get the chance to possibly contribute to a work of art being made by Oscar winning Kevin Macdonald and maybe even win £200 of Sainsbury's vouchers. Perhaps that doesn't appeal to everyone but if interested please read further.

Film your Christmas and star in Oscar winning Kevin Macdonald’ s CHRISTMAS IN A DAY.

In 2010 Kevin Macdonald made the groundbreaking film LIFE IN A DAY, comprised entirely from footage uploaded to Youtube on 24th July 2010 by contributors from across the world. It showed at festivals and cinemas and is now available to watch at, seen over 6 million times.

This Christmas he’d like you to take part in a new project, Christmas In A Day and to help create a unique and intimate portrait of the Christmas season.

Kevin’s vision:
“I want to document not just the big day itself but the process leading up to it - getting the tree, travelling to relatives, picking presents etc.

I would like the film to be comprised of as much variety as possible, of truth and beauty, happiness and sadness, the mundane and the extraordinary, to creating a lasting record of this time. It would be wonderful to reach hospitals, the homeless, families, everything that is going on.”

To take part, either record your own Christmas, or find someone with a story to tell. Wherever you are you, whatever you are doing, we’d love you to get involved.

The film will premiere next Christmas and if your footage is included you’ll be invited to the premiere, and receive £200 in Sainsbury’s vouchers

Get involved at , and if you know anyone else who might like to join us, please forward this message on.

The website has all the details of how to film and when to submit the footage but please do get back to me if you need any more information.




T. 0207 4323 159

F. +44.20.7734.4978


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