Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Morning Press Review

Murd's campaign to get a ramp installed at the Firhall Bridge gets  the lion's share of page 5 in the Press and Journal complete with a picture of Murd on the bridge in the pale December sunshine. Page 5 comes under the "Inverness News" section - come on P&J this is Nairn news! If you want people here to buy your paper then please don't commit the cardinal sin of Invercentralism when reporting news from Scotland's sunshine capital.

The Leoplold Street Thunderer is on a 12 page week this time round but no shortage of stories and information in there today. The page one spread is all about the Highland Council's plan to recruit snow
clearing volunteers. The article has positive comment from Tommy, Dick and Liz. This observer believes that Nairn residents would be willing to help in their hundreds if areas could be allocated etc.
In 2009 the Gurn called for such a system where text and e-mails could call out volunteers when conditions deteriorated and paths needed to be cleared - see article here. Oor Graham and his colleagues didn't seem too impressed at the time however and it's good to see the new SNP led regime moving in this direcetion. We also commented on the proposed snow-clearing scheme back in September and pointed out that such a system once existed in Nairnshire - "Snow clearing, back to the future - want to be a snow shifter?"   

The Courier this morning states on the front page "Snow clearers recruitment drive 'left too late'. "  In a less than positive article they point out "More than two months after first mooting the plan, Highland Council has only now written to Community Councils with details and application forms for the scheme which involves providing snow shovels and snow pushers, gloves and high visibility vests for volunteers willing to clear paths." There is also mention in the article of provision of Health and Safety advice and personal injury insurance.

Other Nairn news in the Courier this week includes the fire in Simpson Street and comment from Alexander Brodie. There's also a wee interview and a picture of Jenny Baird, the Nairn County fan now famous for her fancy footwork at Ibrox that featured in a Youtube viral hit recently.  Also a picture of Nairn civil engineering apprentice Lewis Higgins, Scotland's Civil Apprentice of the year who received his award at the Scottish Parliament.

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