Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snow clearing back to the future - want to be a snow shifter?

One of our regular readers points us in the direction of the Inverness Courier today. The bi-weekly master of sneckie media  tells us: 

"PEOPLE are to be recruited for a citizens’ army of snow shifters to keep pavements and paths clear this winter.
Highland Council is asking community councils to compile lists of householders willing to store equipment such as snow shovels and to lend a hand to treat icy paths." More here. 

Back in 2009, we here in Gurnshire called for such a system. Details here. With texts and digital communications it would be easy to set up something similar to the way Nairnshire dealt with things in 1936. Here's part of the list of volunteers from that time.  We did mention it to Oor Graham but the idea sort of fell on deaf ears then. Looks like the new SNP administration realises that citizens are willing to help out in such a situation. 

A citizens' volunteer army has its limits though. Build your own by-pass perhaps? Come to the Coffee Morning to raise funds for a JCB?

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let it snow said...

The choice for citizens will soon be endless, emptying the bins, cutting the grass. Thank goodness we won't have to clean any toilets as they'll all be closed!
And there will be a lot more citizens on the streets after the council job cuts which they want us to decide upon. If you're a council employee be extra nice to the next member of the public you meet, your job might well depend on it