Monday, September 24, 2012

£40 - is it no deterrent to those who still don't pick up doggie jobbies?

There is a school of thought that quantity of dog poo on our streets and public places increase in the darker winter months as those who are so inclined simply leave their dogs turds where they are and head off under the cover of darkness. As the nights draw in perhaps we should prepare to pay more attention when going from A to B after dark. 
This observer believes that the majority of dog owners are responsible and will pick up their pets' jobbies but there are still a few that don't and just one or two dogs shitting every day in the same spot can create quite a mess.
What to do then? The £40 fine as a deterrent is laughable and when did you last hear of anyone being caught in Nairn? Compare the potential fine in Durham - £1000? Above you can compare the Durham attitude with that of Highland Council. Now a grand, that should focus minds and make the persistent offenders think about taking a plastic bag with them every time they take their faithful friend out. Wardens will of course need to be issued with infra-red night vision equipment but the steaming piles should show up well.


£1000 said...

No wonder some folk see Nairn as a dog loving town. As you say £40 is paltry with few if any people caught. Why not up the fine to £1000. We still might not catch people but it might at least make people think and mean the streets will be walkable on the dark nights

Anonymous said...

I am a responsible dog owner and it is very annoying when people don't pick up after there dog.
It does not take much to put a poo bag in ur pocket and pickit up.
I walk in many area's around Nairn and see many pick up and a few leave alone. Many of the people that leave do not seem to be watching the dog at all so don't seem to they say.
I have noticed lots of bags of poo out and about left by people that say they will pick it up and put in bin on the way back and for what ever reason DON'T.
This bring's in the question of is there enough poo bins out and about in areas where many dogs walk.....I don't think we have any in the high street.....I do use the rubbish bin when no poo bins are around but in some areas not even they are available to use and u can also see lots of rubbish lying around in these areas.
In the case of a fine I feel that a £40 fine would be enough if they were inforced.....but who would do this, can't remeber the last time I saw a dog warden in Nairn.
I have seen with my own eyes the same dogs leaving mess in the high street/side streets,owners way a head of the dog, they don't clean up. Many other dog owners just walking in the street and the dog leaves a pill and they pick up as the dog on lead and they are aware of what the dog is doing.

Anonymous said...

If someone is caught not picking up instead of a fine make them eat it they won't do it again

Anonymous said...

What surprises me most is on some beach walks the amount of poo filled plastic bags left by the path or just on the beach - surely this is worse as most of these bags are NOT biodegradable compared to the poo itself! Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

We never walk our dog on the streets but I fail to see the logic in placing a 100% biodegradable dog turd in a 100% non biodegradable plastic bag - then putting that in a landfill.