Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Nairn town centre buses - would a free service to Sainsbury's have been a good move?

Here's how it's done in Kelso at the moment, a shuttle service between the town centre and the new superstore up the brae on the other side of the river. The situation is quite similar to Nairn and there were worries that the new store would take trade away from the centre. The free bus is seen as a benefit for both the store and the town. Here's comment from the store's web page:

"Sainsbury’s is delighted to be funding a free shuttle bus service from the store to the town centre. It operates Monday to Saturday, 52 weeks a year and will promote trade in the centre and in the Pinnaclehill area of Kelso.
Paul Miller, Sainsbury’s National Development Surveyor for Scotland, stated; “We have worked effectively with Scottish Borders Council, residents and traders to ensure that our free bus service will promote Kelso as the premier market town in the Borders.”

The theory being that those who park at the store will take the opportunity of a quick trip into town on a free busy and vice versa. Should we have done this in Nairn? 


small time shopper said...

With parking becoming so difficult in town I can imagine the free bus service might appeal to a few, but folk are impatient and I don't think many would park at Sainsbury's and then get on a bus.

It's interesting to see as to how Nairn Sainsbury's is targeting customers. I don't do a big shop but I'm always getting coupons when I pay encouraging me to spend more than £20 (which I rarely do)

Perhaps the Gurn could run one of it's polls to see where we're all now shopping now, Co-opie, Sainsbury's, or out of town

Anonymous said...

I think a free bus or even a bus in Sainsbury's colours would be good. It's surprising how many people don't even know that there is a bus going out that way. A continual shuttle service would be much better than the current service as there would be less waiting time for the next bus.

Anonymous said...

We coud have buses from all the major supermarkets parked at the old bus station touting for business