Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Path Renewal on East Beach

A Highland Council Squad yesterday busy at work along the path that leads from the Bailey Bridge to the East Beach. Good to see this work going ahead and resources being used in Nairn.


Wiggo said...

It would be great if more councillors were to adopt bicycles as their mode of transport around Nairn as then we might see some improvements for cyclists.
The footpath/cycle path along the river has been quite badly overgrown with overhanging branches this year, but I've yet to see the council tackle this issue.
Nairn is an ideal cycle town, but there isn't much provision for those of us who use bikes, and some of the roads are in a terrible state. I dismount now and walk rather than cycle under the railway bridge on the Cawdor Road
On a positive note pleased to see that the council is improving this footpath

The Nairn Birder said...

It's great to see the Council being so responsive to Nairn Access Panel's request to upgrade this path. Now anyone reliant on wheels to get the the harbour wall can do so relatively easy and enyoy the same vista as everyone else. The workmen were excellent and did even more than originally tasked as, when shown the roughness of the path at the sea and the step onto the concrete path, they smoothed as much as they could and created a ramp to overcome the step. Great work.

Next stop the beach - how great it would be for wheelchair users to be able to enjoy Nairn's greatest feature. One day.....