Thursday, September 06, 2012

It's not NICE for Forres but FACT!

With regard to town centre development  uncanny echoes surface along the road in Moray; the birth of the Forres Area Community Trust is summarised in Yesterday's Forres Gazette. 

"Following a period of community consultation and research, the Forres Area Community Trust is producing a plan which will enable the group to move forward with its top priority projects."

Like it's Nairn Counterpart NICE there is a big input from those who think that Tourism is essential to the community and again like the Niceafarians the FACT folk are going for mass membership: 
"Everyone with an interest in the Forres Area is urged to support FACT by becoming a member. A large membership demonstrates strong community support which is crucial to securing funding projects."

You can read more about FACT on their website and there are more interesting parallels to read about in this week's Forres Gazette. Meanwhile the Gurn learns from an unreliable source close to major players at the heart of River Community Council that Alistair Noble will be speaking to the River members at a public meeting later this month with a view to securing their support for NICE's aims and objectives (persumably all those aims and objectives will be detailed in the document called "A NICE vision for Nairn" which is not yet in the public domain). Alistair is a polished performer with a lot of street cred in Nairn but this observer predicts he may have difficulties in convincing one or two of the River folk of the benefits of giving their blessing to NICE.

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