Monday, September 10, 2012

A96 Consultation workshop shambles - Liz asks them to advertise and come back again

See also the previous article from Dave W gurning about the lack of advertising for the A96 workshop consultation today in the Courthouse with BEAR and transport Scotland. Liz tells the Gurn that she has asked the representatives present to come back again as the event had not been advertised properly. Apparently there was an advert in the Highland News but nothing in the Nairnshire Telegraph. The Association of Nairn Businesses got wind of the event and posted information on their site last night but I'm sure David Brownless will agree that his organisation's digital journal is not as widely read as the local paper. 

Liz said that Council officials provided all the information as to where to advertise but nothing appeared in the Leopold Street Thunderer. She requested a re-run of the workshop after proper advertising has appeared, the mannie in the Courthouse agreed so it looks as though they'll be another chance for us all to air our views. Liz  also told us that although BEAR say they don't get many complaints about the A96 and the traffic lights the subject crops up constantly at Community Council meetings and in conversations with her constituents in Nairn and beyond. Given the concern in the town Liz thinks a properly advertised consultation would attract a lot of people.


APTSec said...


I am sending you a copy of a letter re A96 which should be self explanatory. Your readers may be interested in your views on it.

David Brownless said...

I let the members of the ANB know about the event & posted it on our website last night.

There isn't really any excuse for bodies such as Transport Scotland not being able to give more than a few days notice, and not really advertising the event properly even then.

On a more positive note I found that comments and observations are well received & the official bods in attendance do seem to understand that all is not as it should be on the A96.

Worth going if you can.

Anonymous said...

I learned about the consultation a few weeks ago via a Google news alert I have set up on Transport Scotland for my work. The heid mannie there did say the attendance had been very low - obviously due to lack of advertising - but fair play they were keen to listen. Apart from the obvious (traffic signals) have a good gurn about the state of the ironwork, i.e. sunken manhole covers, especially a hazard for cyclists when they re-run it.