Friday, September 14, 2012

Scotland Coast to Coast race - Nairn "It's the perfect kind of arena to set something like this off."

"One big adventure - 106 miles." They set off tomorrow morning in two categories at 06.30 and 08.00 a.m. respectively and run up to Cawdor to get their bicycles and then continue along the Great Glen. 
Healthy looking competitors are in the town centre this evening picking up last minute provisions etc, before the start of the race tomorrow morning. Two cyclists could be seen heading up in the Cawdor direction, maybe they will run back? The following Coast to Coast video shows Nairn for the first minute or two. Good luck to them all on foot, bikes and water tomorrow. 

Nairn "It's the perfect kind of arena to set something like this off." Last year the Gurn got a few pictures, it was dark and damp in the morning but so far the forecast looks a bit better for 2012.

 Interesting stuff out there on twitter tonight  #scotlandc2c


couch tattie said...

Wow, makes Olympian events look quite easy! Any Nairnites taking part?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the business side of the town doesn't make more of this. It's a lot of people coming to stay and spend every year no matter what the weather, even some hot drinks on sale at the start would be an obvious one
Good on successive Provosts making the effort to get out of bed to support the event