Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wind of change blows through Viewfield

To the many objectors to the Bus Station flats plan Viewfield will soon perhaps see devastation of its aesthetic qualities following the decision today of South Planning Committee Circus Master  Chair, Jimmy Gray. See article below and pictures here. Although it has to be said that there are those in Nairn who will be pleased with this decision and perhaps they are not as organised or prone to writing letters as the objectors but will none the less be glad to see homes built in the town. The application was devisive all along and will probably leave a damaging legacy in its wake. 

Meanwhile in the very spot where the chair and his troops stood, now stands the sign above. Branches have come down and Doctor Grigor looks down over the danger zone. Viewfield has been delivered an instant autumn carpet today as hundreds of thousands of leaves were torn from their branches. No doubt there will be similar damage in other parts of the town. 

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