Sunday, September 09, 2012

Gurn buy back the Common Good scheme!

Fantastic opportunity to buy back what you already own! Waste no time, sign up now to avoid disappointment. We want 1,000 gurnites to subscribe £500 each and then we’ll submit a bid to buy out the common good lands and all other publicly owned areas and buildings in Nairn. As soon as we reach a 1,000 subscribers the right to buy legislation should kick in (we think). 

Should this scheme hit the buffers at any stage then all monies donated will be given to the Gurn correspondents Christmas Party Fund.

An offer that only comes once in a lifetime, contact the e-mail address in the sidebar for further details.

1 comment:

Nice biscuit said...

I'd rather give my money to the Gurn, do you accept Paypal?