Tuesday, September 18, 2012

River Community Council meeting tonight 18th - Community Centre 7.30 p.m.

Here's the Agenda for tonight:

  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Treasurers Report
  5. Police Report
  6. Presentation By Tenant Participation Officer HRC
  7. Links School
  8. Town Centre
  9. Lochloy Road (Traffic Management)
  10. Correspondence
  11. Planning
  12. AOCB
  13. Date Of Next Meeting (Tuesday 9th October)
 The Northern Constabulary try and attend all Community Council meetings in Nairn if an officer is available and this gives an opportunity for councillors and members of the public to raise local policing matters with the force's representative.
Here's a copy of the police report that has been received by River Community Council for tonight's meeting:


1.                  For meetings to be held during September 2012.

July & August was an exceptionally busy month for us across the full range on incident types. Vandalism and thefts in particular were on the rise and measures have been put in place to combat these but I would continue to encourage people to be vigilant and report any information or suspicions.

Inspector MacLeod will continue to try and get officers to as many Community Council meetings as possible but I am aware there have been a number recently we have not managed to get to. If this is the case, please contact your local officers with any issues, or myself directly.

Operation Roundup  - updates  

Nairn - There were 8 incidents involving alcohol seized from local youths by officers involved in operation round up which is carried out in conjunction with the local Youth Action Team prior to the Nairn Highland Games on 14th and 17th August.   During these times a combination of alcohol was seized including buckfast, wine, lager and coke/vodka mix disguised in coke bottles.  Youth Contact Letters continue to be sent to parents for those found with alcohol between the 16-18 age bracket.  Those under 16 years fall into the CCF process.

New Operation.
BS&N Police have launched a new operation to increase the focus on vandalism across the Command Area and kicked off on 28 th September called Operation Radar.  This is designed to focus police resources in deterring and detecting the crime of vandalism which can be one of the most difficult crimes to solve.  Officers will be directed to patrol areas where vandalism occurs with behind the scenes work ongoing in our various primary and secondary schools to raise the profile.  (for any press – a more detailed press release will be prepared in the near future)

Notable Crime update:

Nairn Police continue to investigate two indecent exposure incidents and would once again be mindful of these incidents and to report anything suspicious.

The damage caused to windows at the museum recently has been detected with a local youth to be subject to a report to the Procurator Fiscal.

  1. Statistics – (August 2012)
Number of incidents recorded - 940
            Drink Drivers –  7
            Dishonesties –  17(includes thefts and frauds)
            Shoplifting – 2
            Drug Searches –14
            Domestics - 16
            Assaults – 26
            Road Traffic fixed Penalties - 24
            Alcohol Seized from Underage – 16
            Vandalism – 16


The updated detection rate to the end of August sits at 62.8% in comparison to 67.7% for July.  It was anticipated we would have taken a negative hit from the increase in vandalism and theft during the month of August.

4.Nairn Staffing
Nairn sees the start of another Cadet to the area along with two Probationer Constables in September this year.  It is also hoped that this weeks Force Transfer panel will fill the remaining Nairn vacancy bringing the area to full strength which is encouraging moving to a single force in a strong staffing position.

5.Challenges Ahead/Horizon Scanning

            Standing Item: Police Reform
The Scottish Police Authority, replacing current local police boards including the Northern Joint Police Board, is taking shape. Last week the Scottish Government announced the new head of this Authority as Mr Vic Emery.

On a local level, work is ongoing to prepare what is currently Northern Constabulary to ensure it is compatible with the rest of Scotland come 1st April 2013. Part of this will be the dissolution of the current Divisions in Northern and a return to something more akin to the previous Command Areas of a few years ago. These will more closely reflect the boundaries of local authorities. As of 17th September, we will no longer be aligned with Inverness in East Division but will be Badenoch, Strathspey and Nairn Area Command, under the current Chief Inspector Ian Bryce.

This process of realignment is ongoing across the Force, both in frontline services and in support services.

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Anonymous said...

why not ask the police for year on year statistics - for eg in Aug '11 there were XX incidents of anti social behaviour, and in Aug '12 there were YY incidents. That way communities can get a proper feel for trends - I'm assuming the police have this info?