Wednesday, September 12, 2012

River CC renewal project gets underway

Himalayan Balsam being removed from the section of the riverside between the sewage and A96 bridges. River CC have funding to revitalise the ecology of this area: Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed will be either removed from this area or sprayed as part of an ongoing project and there will be some work on the trees too.

What a shame funding is only available for this stretch of the town centre river walks. The invasive species have had a good year again and they need to be dealt with so the complex ecological relationship between the flora and fauna of the river bank and the river can once again thrive. The authorities are well aware of the dangers presented by the "foreign plants" on the Nairn - here's Fergus Ewing and others at the Howford earlier this year.

Well done Tommy and River CC for getting this project underway! 


Anonymous said...

I would think that starting on the lower stretches of the river a bit back to front...surely start further up stream ..if you
don t...seeds washed down stream will make the problem just as bad next year. Is that common sense or am I mistaken.

Up Ma Daisy said...

A lawn without a weed it seems would satisfy most gardeners dreams,but not for me i much prefer to see a daisy here and there like the stars that decorate the night these tiny flowers glowing white. A sight which i find pleases me much more than boring greenery. My neighbours say its a disgrace but dare not say it to my face they know what my reply would be and so they whisper secretly about the way i keep my lawn with daisies strewn and left unshorn.