Monday, September 03, 2012

Dog fouling and litter issues, wifie making a documentry wants help

Had this comment in on one of the Gurn articles on litter. Plenty of Gurnites gurning about litter and doggie jobbies so perhaps you might want to contact Jessica Howe, here's what she had to say:

I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me. I am working on a documentary for the BBC and am looking to speak with local individuals who help out in the community litter picking or clearing up the streets of dog fouling because they have a passion and pride for their area and are frustrated with those that don't discard of their rubbish appropriately. We want to tackle an issue which is becoming increasingly problematic in modern society and a real nuisance,
and talk to the people who are trying to do something about it. I want to speak with volunteers in your community that you think stand out and who are persistently recognised for their hard work and are genuinely enraged by littering or dog fouling. We are particularly looking for passionate individuals that work on their own on a daily basis.

We are based in Oxford and have made films for all the major broadcasters,including most recently a documentary on British Hedges which was very popular and had very high ratings. We would aim to make a film in a a similar style which exposes an issue that is environmental and social and hopefully most people relate to.

I would just want to ring and have a chat with them about their activities first of all.
Please can anybody give me a ring on 01865 297 220 if they might be able to point towards an centre or individuals who are suitable
Many thanks and kind regards,

Jessica Howe
Landmark Films
12 Evelyn Court
267b Cowley Road

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