Friday, September 28, 2012

Broadwood Bound

UPDATE 16.39 Friday - Colin Barron reports that the County supporters bus is now full!

Tomorrow a strong County support will be heading down the A9 towards Clyde's stadium. Que sera, sera but a great day beckons. If the County continue with their current flair tomorrow then Clyde will have a task on their hands, even with the home side artificial surface advantage. For Les Fridge who played 68 games for the Bully Wee it will be a return to the ground where he was on duty for the inaugural game in 1994. The Gurn understands that Clyde have interviewed Les for the match programme. Here's one of their recent tweets.
Here's Les talking to Bob Manson after the Brora game about the 6-0 win and the forthcoming Scottish Cup outing.

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